"Practical Tips

for Changing to a Healthier Lifestyle”

Make sure you understand what your physician tells you. Whether it's about high blood pressure and how it makes the heart work harder, or whether it's about monitoring your blood sugar; or whether it's about the importance of checks on your total cholesterol, good cholesterol, and bad cholesterol, plus triglycerides. Partner with Your Family Physician and ask questions-especially if you notice a change in your health!

LITTLE THINGS ADD UP TO MORE Exercising just 30-45 minutes every day makes a difference, as does eating two or more of a variety of fruits every day. You may be eating fruit and vegetables daily to lower your blood pressure. But this will also help to reduce your chances of developing cancer and diabetes. Set up some system that rewards you when you do these things, and make them into habits.

ONE STEP AT A TIME TO BETTER HEALTH Modifying your lifestyle to adopt healthier habits may be challenging. Sometimes you may feel like quitting. Don't quit! But equally don't try and change all your behaviour patterns at the same time. Set realistic objectives, and enlist the support and encouragement of family and friends. This way you are more likely to succeed.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT – GET THEM INVOLVED! Involve members of your household in supporting you. Get them to respect the healthy lifestyle changes you are making. Involve family and friends and work colleagues when you set your objectives and timelines. Practical everyday support from family, friends, and colleagues will help you to keep on track, and to not give up if the going seems tough. Encourage them to make healthy changes too.

Thinking about potential obstacles and how we can avoid or sidestep them will help to ensure that you are not surprised and discouraged by them. For example, make fruit and vegetables visible and readily available on counter tops in your home. Take them to work too and snack on them. Easy to carry are apples, pears, bananas, baby carrots, and cherry or plum tomatoes.


Indicate 2 lifestyles you would like to change over the next year. Under Goals 1 and 2 fill in the changes you would like to see at 6 months and 1 year. Mark these in your calendar. This will help you to see if you are meeting your goals. Gradual changes can be sustained over a lifetime. Drastic changes generally are short-lived, and are not recommended

Goal 1 ------ at 6 months ----- at 1 year

Goal 2 ------ at 6 months ----- at 1 year

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